Today’s headline: barely-electable drunkards pander to radical “democratic socialists” because they can’t win an election.

Last I heard, we all live in the same world, and time, more-or-less, moves at the same speed for everyone.

What baffles me is that these “impeachables” spend their time grasping straws and chasing a manifestation of their own rage for the humiliating defeat they received in 2016. Since then, the democrat constituency has swelled with even more radical collectivists. Islam this, socialism that, Bernie dick is the best dick.

If you played a YouTube rewind video of these fools, you’ll find they are… completely unaware of the world around them.

On one hand, how can you be so myopic? How can you willingly go ostrich and ignore plain evidence and continue down your current path?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll give them a margin of error: In crypto-game-theory, there’s an attack strategy called an “eclipse attack” wherein the target of the attack, and all of it’s network links are severed and the target is only left with controlled information pathways, wherein they are helpless to act and unawares of their actual operating environment. Maybe, just MAYBE, they’re the target of this… but these are the same people that sit on intelligence committees in the US government. They can’t honestly be that retarded. It’s not mathematically possible. If they are as retarded as they appear, then they maybe the whole system needs re-evaluation. I digress.

Digression aside, if they are smarter (and more sober) than a drunk sorority girl at this weeks coke-fest, they know they’re pushing their canoe up the shit creek rapids with a drain plug missing.

I look forward to watching this shit-canoe. The rubicon has been crossed, and these idiots have effectively destroyed the democrat party.



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