Jesus wasn’t a Communist, and you shouldn’t be either.

Imagine being so deluded into thinking “do not steal” didn’t apply to you because of your envy.

Memes that the “party” will surely hate.

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Today’s List of Communists that Joe McCarthy would salivate over.

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Articles on the Horrors of Communism

Commodity fetishism is a theory that ignores fundamental realities of value exchange. Like the term capitalism was invented to sully the idea of ownership, commodity fetishism defiles the notion of natural value, markets and voluntary exchange to provide the groundwork for systematic THEFT and the pathological liar culture that communism requires to be remotely sustainable.

Democratic centralism is the mechanism by which democracy emulates autocracy and is the distillation of mob rule as a system of governance. This rule by committee can get away with the extreme exploits of autocratic totalitarianism by manufacturing consent in a very efficient way.

We can always rely on communism to develop new ways to lie and misrepresent reality for political outcomes. Political, societal, individual psychological engineering by the sociopathic element is the only product/service that a communist society is capable of producing with any consistency and sustainability.