Jesus wasn’t a Communist.

Despite what the internet might say, or what Netflix wants you to think:

Jesus was not a communist, socialist, or of any such ilk.

“but he fed 5,000 and believed in healthcare for all” pfft

Pretty simple: under no circumstance did he advocate for the forced taking of people’s property. Under no circumstance did his feeding of 5,000 somehow translate into the use of the state to implement inefficient bureaucracies to “do the right thing and take care of people.”

Jesus didn’t advocate for forced redistribution of wealth. (para) “give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” Healthcare did not come from the government, nor should the government say they were the originators of such a scheme. Healthcare came from people taking care of one another. “Love one-another as I have loved you.” Where does that say “Well gosh, I guess the government should take care of that.”

Behind every tax is the threat of force. Simple enough, If you don’t pay “your fair share” you go to jail. Now, using that tax mechanism to distribute “charity” to people because they are in need, doesn’t make you a better person. It makes you someone who says “I don’t do any charity work, but I have contracted the state to do that charity work, and you have to do the same charity work whether you like it or not.” It is cold, heartless, and disingenuous. Ironically, by voting for social programs, it lets people wash their hands of doing anything, while simultaneously making you feel good for extorting others to contribute their “fair share.”

On this Holy Night, Christmas Eve, it’s a time to remember where true charity, compassion, joy, and love comes from. Not from the coffers of decrepit and corrupt politicians, but from your heart. I’d argue that the only place true charity comes from is the Heart. Fill your heart with charity, love, and compassion for others. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you pay a tax for it, that goodness within you is paid-in-full.

Give directly to charities. Don’t let collectivist guilt-tripping force you to subsidize positive change in the world. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Edit: As I published this, I discovered this article: Looks like the communists in China want to literally re-write the word of God for their own uses.

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