We are a loose collective of liberty minded, self-determined individuals documenting the dangers of collectivism to provide counter-point to increasingly pervasive communist propaganda and to establish ways and means for anybody to join in pushing back against systematic kleptocracy, destruction of culture, and the denial of the rule of natural law bestowed on us by our creator.

Laying Concrete

We hold these truths self-evident:

All people are created equal. We are all born of a Mother and nourished by a Father. Regardless of color, shape, size, biological sex, economic station, physical ability, sexual proclivity, pronoun preference, nation of origin, language, religion… People are bound to the fundamental truth that without a mother and father, you would not be reading this.

  • Goodness Exists
  • Evil Exists
  • Boundaries Exist
  • Parallel Lines Exist
  • Intersecting Lines Exist
  • States Exist
  • Thermodynamics are unavoidable
  • Systems have a starting point
  • Systems exist on a spectrum
  • Reality exists beyond our consciousness
  • Human beings are flawed creatures
  • Uniqueness Exist
  • Sameness Exists
  • God Is.

You would think this list would be unnecessary, but that’s the sad state of affairs we have come to in this big wide world of Knowledge Access. With these few and stupid tools, there can be a successful deconstruction of collectivism and logical proofs that demonstrate the futility and irresponsible dangers inherent in collectivist ideologies.

“Where is the Philosopher? Where is the Scholar? Where is the debater of this age? Hasn’t God made the world’s wisdom foolish?”

1 Cor 1:21 (HCSB)