International CCP

It’s hard to avoid going into a tirade about slippery slopes when you sense a destructive pattern of policy and government behavior. I try to avoid it because it lends itself toward intellectual laziness. But the fact remains- socialist/communist doctrine is typically openly expressed as an internationalist ideology. And when the Chinese Communists cry about incursions in international waters, it should be understood in this context.

Disputed by people claiming arbitrary jurisdiction on the entire world…

Communism requires everybody to be on board to have enough of a runway of resources to exploit in the quest to erase effects of inherent systemic economic mismanagement. And by everybody, they mean everybody!

The nation isn’t enough to capture. National Socialism isn’t enough. The movement needs International Socialism to reach the epitome of global anti-market action to veritably erase the influence of independent markets, the unfettered agora, on human culture and mentality from existence and usher in an era of Global, supranational Communism.

Behold, the vanguard of International Socialism

Is it no surprise then that the most powerful communist party on Earth would actually act toward that goal? Why is that a conspiracy theory when they talk about seeking global hegemony openly? It’s almost like it’s too difficult to think about how far they are willing to go to achieve this goal.

But we know exactly what is in store, and we must fight it at every pass. Luckily, during the course of the American Experiment, we have come up with a few checks and balances to prevent this, especially one in particular.


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