The Tree of Knowledge Bears the Fruit of Collectivism

The tree of knowledge is something I’ve thought about for a while. And I’ve come to understand how ridiculously relevant it is to statism, communism, and any other singleton group aligned concept and mentality. It is the reason collectivist societies are capable of holocaust.

As a late teen when I abandoned God, that was the concept I had the biggest issue with that caused my departure. It lay at the very foundation of creation, the ideation of the garden and that particular tree and the snake that hung out near it. It sounded stupid, that God had issue with the snake. It just wanted to share the fruit of the tree that opens so many doors, granting the understanding of all knowledge with its taste. And so Eve, convinced, took a bite and entered a new realm of thought and then she shared it with Adam. But soon after everything fell, the garden entered into disarray and they were expelled, forced to establish their own means.

I never understood how that made any logical sense. It was the tree of knowledge. They learned everything! The secret of the universe- so why did everything fall apart? And while I’ve rediscovered God since then, only a few weeks ago I realized why the tree of knowledge was so destructive and continues to be today.
The fruit of the tree of knowledge is that morality can be viewed through a relative lens divorced from any innate feeling of what is right, that you can define it and re-structure it on a whim as you see fit to gain any advantage or satisfy any lust. It is gaining the understanding that you are actually completely unbound from the rules that God laid out before you because you have free will.
The fall happens when man, in his individual hubris, deceives himself of what he knows is right, and acts according to his own will against God’s using this knowledge. Many times, that is to say that this man is acting against, and outright violating the free will of another man also granted to by God.

And so this cascades as he is bolstered by many other men falling into the same trap, that demonic device, feeding on to themselves each others will while falling further away from God into His polar opposite, the void where a singularity of evil resides, the perfect collectivist hive mind that imagines itself to replace God by implementing the death of reality, God’s creation.

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