Language Destruction: Collectivist ideology cannot survive in-light of free speech.

Here at commie watch, I want to keep things simple. So simple that hopefully your takeaway is a new tool or method of navigating the digital and psychological battlefield.

A basic definition of communication

To lay some foundation, language is the first, and perhaps only place of expressing internal desires. It differentiates us from animals only in one major sense: human language carries across space and time in a much more robust way by being written and carried across vast spatial and temporal distances.

If you think about it – birds, dogs, cats, cows, pigs, crickets – every creature on earth has some method of out-bound communication. Even microscopic organisms send chemical signals that interact with the external environment. Plants have distress chemicals (“freshly mowed lawn smell” is a distress signal from grass). Taking it a step further, there was a study that showed a cow from France imported to America got serious cow depression because he spoke in a different cow language that his freedom loving bestial brethren. Poison Dart Frogs, much like dyed-hair liberal progressives, communicate through bright colors to show they are dangerous. The former being actually dangerous, the latter, severely depressed. I digress.

The point is – everything on the planet communicates something outwardly to help it navigate it’s environment. Even better, inter-species communication, where the rooster crows and wakes the jaguar, is a natural part of daily life. The only limits to our communication are hours in the day, and the need to use our language to acquire resources and procreate. There was a study about lexical budgets and correlation to sexual desires that puts a broad boundary around what, why, and the quantity in which we communicate. (Source forthcoming)

To put this notion in human terms, these methods of communication and expression can be broadly described as forms of speech. They are naturally unimpeded and act as a cultural preservative, a means of passing wisdom, transferring knowledge, to rally help for the endangered, describe environmental threats, express grief, joy, love, sadness, and anger. The natural state of all living creatures is free communication. Whether our communication attracts or repulses threats… user beware.

The phenomenon that interests me, and the subject of this blog post, is the omnipresent desire of collectivists to control, wrangle, and subdue free speech, even in-light of this natural phenomenon that cannot be controlled.

To put it in simple terms, the hornbill despises the dart frog, but appreciates his colorful warning.

Naturally Occurring Communication Differences

Since the beginning of language, there have been different languages. By contemporary estimates, there are between 5 and 7 thousand different languages today. There are several attempts to make sense of the problem, its origin, and companies making solutions to the problem. Regardless of the start of the problem (e.g. the Inuit have 15-20 different words for snow), it’s safe to say, languages have diverged as long as language has existed. The story of the Tower of Babel, in the book of Genesis, proposes that God confounded the tongue of man for his hubris. While perhaps anecdotal, the point remains that language is an uncontrollable phenomenon that we will never all agree on.

Confounding the divergence problem, written language does not exist in a vacuum, and requires a spoken translation to be relevant. It’s the difference between a “living” and “dead” language. “Living” being a spoken and evolving language, dead being unused or deprecated. As spoken languages change and evolve, so does the interpretation of a written language, and it’s impact on contemporary society. In all of recorded history there are few, if any, written works that have survived the march of time with great fidelity. Luckily, there are scholars, linguists, historians, and hosts of experts that wish to preserve the past. There is hope. However, and very unfortunately, collectivists usually target these people first when carrying-out the ways and means of their death cult.

For the most part, the evolution of language is pretty normal, but over the last decade, the pace of that evolution has grown exponentially. Before hypermedia and self-serve personalized rich-media available through cell phones, the most stark example of language destruction has been book burning – whether by the Nazis of 1930’s Germany or the apocryphal burning of the library in Alexandria. This phenomenon of language destruction, is both sobering and terrifying in it’s own right, but what we are witnessing now is language destruction in near-real-time. Even Ray Bradbury couldn’t foresee the scale and speed at-which the English language is being perverted, distorted, and subverted.

Contemporary Examples of Hijacked Language and Political Polarization

Before the convenience of Wikipedia and Google, printed books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauri were the pillar of society that all knowledge rested on. Prior to the printing press, staid monks devoted their lives to the preservation of knowledge. By my estimation, it was about 2005 (youtube’s founding), when a tipping-point was reached, and we’ve been stuck in our cellphones and computers ever-since.

It’s worth noting that after Walmart the retailer/grocer, several state-owned energy companies, 2 auto-manufacturers, and Jobs’ Apple: Amazon, started as a book seller, is the world’s largest company. [source]

Although there isn’t enough time to make an exhaustive list, the next subsections are devoted to the most destructive language patterns in cyberspace. I have no silver-bullets. My only hope is you might recognize the barrage of falsehoods aimed at your cerebellum, and that you might take steps to avoid being drawn into the void.

The Clickbait Apocalypse

There is no more powerful emotion in the human body as Anger. Love is the antidote, but anger will pull the trigger every time.

Phrasing Patterns build on false premises

Liberalism for starters. Conservatism. Racism. Nazism. Fascism. Globalism and terrorism. Mass shooting. “Gun violence” “hate speech” “hateful rhetoric” also homophobia. Islamophobia (merely criticizing the religion). Transphobia. Bigotry is a big one. To name a few

From Racism = Hate based on skin color to Racism = Institutionalized hate.

They directly told my mostly-liberal school that all white people are racist. Not some trying to coyly imply it, they just said to their faces “All white people are racist.”

Blatant Examples of Language Destruction

The most vile perpetrator of redefining words might be google.


Fascism – Google literally modified the definition of fascism to mean right wing people.

Racism and sexism now being tweaked to mean that white men can’t be victims. Rape being redefined so it’s impossible for a woman to commit it.

It is easy enough to look up the definition, but impossible to find a singular definition used by the left because, well, any personal definition that is NOT the original meaning is acceptable to them.

  • Racism
  • Feminism
  • Extremism
  • Liberal
  • Conservative -Reality -Truth
  • Violence (now can be verbal)
  • Extremist
  • Freedom
  • Freedom of speech
  • Rights
  • Gender, Male, Female, etc

The worst things progressivism does to language is says there are no real rules, or definitions, and that the usage of the word can change it over time. The word literally for example comes from liter, meaning by the word. Most people know that, and use it to mean the opposite of its definition as a joke, ie I literally died laughing, so now dictionaries say literally can mean its Latin root or “a hyperbolic exaggeration” The word “irony” is the same, so many idiots think it means a funny coincidence that leftist librarians accepted that as a true definition.

Gender – It has more than one definition, but it has for centuries meant “one of the two sexes”. My collection of dictionaries show this definition until about 30 years ago, when leftists and feminist succeeded in changing it to “how one identifies” (paraphrased). They are also actively working on changing related words like boy/girl/man/woman and they are on track to succeed.

Fake news and propaganda

“Quid pro quo” = crime. Literally all negotiations, financial exchanges/transactions are “this for that”.

Think about the people that want to re-write history books. Think about the people that have infected the high places of academia. Think about the imaged of book burnings and the people that started that fire. There is a direct correlation between those who wish to change the very foundations of society by first shaping the opinions of the past.

If you think about it purely from an individuals perspective, your past provides a framework for how you interact with others in the present, and your past casts light/shade on how you would also derive and navigate the future.

The best they can do is , all of the sudden, change meaning to mean the complete opposite of their descriptive nature.

The groups most commonly known for book burning are Nazis. If you aren’t aware, nazi is actually a shorthand form of “national socialist”. If you have ever gone onto a left leaning forum like reddit, think about the number of times someone has said “well, it’s changed meaning” or “that wasn’t real socialism.” You’ll find a trove of sensitive degenerates that play with words and enforce “hate speech” laws in an attempt to quell the rising tide against collectivist thought.

At a deeper level, there is a zeitgeist at play that seeks to change the connotations and denotations of language to further the politik de jour. I find it abhorrent that there is a strong force proposing the positives of collectivism while ignoring the One example of this

Why Does it matter???

“On the other hand, no one can enter a strong man’s house and rob his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man. Then he will rob his house.”

Mark 3:27 – HCSB

—— Notes ——

Much importance is placed on the value of translators that won’t fuck you over. The reality is, you need a lawyer who speaks multiple languages and works for your team without hesitation to be the translator for any cross-border negotiation.

As a point of context, it’s worth noting that languages and how they reflect cultural values, simply by their structure. English for example, is a free-flowing, infinitely formulate-able, solution system to describe the outward world. An interesting area of research to delve is the difference in written

Chinese, on the other hand, is a rigid, finite set of descriptors built on metaphor. People worry that chinese will become the global dominant language, but people forget that the limitations on the language are imposed and only yield a certain level of social progress that is deemed “acceptable”. As an example: It wasn’t until western language and mathematics entered the eastern realm that they were able to make any meaningful scientific progress beyond gunpowder… And you can make gunpowder by pissing on hay and letting it bake in the sun for 3 months.

Now that the Chinese communists (created circa 1954) wish to be the hegemony (despite them luckily not being a piece of the Japanese empire in current time) it is time to reinvigorate the dart frog, rouse the lion, and poke the bear for their ungrateful attitude. Modern Day China, built in the wake of Maoist ideology is a global threat to sovereignty and must be addressed with our entire being.

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