Tiananmen square 2.0 Tomorrow?

“public relations”

After this press release by the CCP execution squad, we must pray for the people of Hong Kong and especially the protesters left barricaded at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This time though, things will be different. People are starting to rise up and step up in the fight for liberty all around the world.

Permanently Closed?

We at commiewatch.net stand steadfastly in support of our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong and the world over that seek Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That said, this is a war and we are all engaged in a war on our minds and hearts against forces of genuine evil. First and foremost it is an information war, and here we hope to build a digital armory to aid in the fight that patriots of all nations are facing.

As bad as things seem, we can take comfort in the fact that liberty minded people are everywhere, even deep inside totalitarian communist regimes. Leaks like the reports on CCP concentration camps and other things that are sure to come as the information war develops should be spread far and wide so the public knows the depths that this war has already reached and so they can aid in the fight as well to preserve their ways of life.

more leaks, plz!!!

If the CCP successfully crushes the uprising in HK, this time will surely be different. It will represent an inflection point… a point of no return. We cannot stand idly with our heads in the sand. This assault is not just on Hong Kong. It is an attack on liberty itself.

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