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Fantastically productive Dutch farms have made this tiny country the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter. But many of its 15 million pigs and cows live next to protected natural areas, so their nitrogen emissions break EU laws. The government is enraging farmers by closing farms. In theory, that frees space for new homes, but who will build them and where would the builders stay?

These people are so insane they act like food magically appears out of nothing and you can just close farms because of a clown ass emissions law based on fake science and to make space for migrants. The farmers really need to do whatever it takes to overthrow their criminal traitor globalist government asap. *** The Netherlands may be the first country to hit the limits of growth *** The country has 507 people per sq km, nearly five times the EU average, while liveable land is shrinking due to climate change *** ft.com

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