Wed Dec 14 19:47:51 2022 (*6952cd93*):: going to space turns you into a communist :clownworld: :communist: https://bigthink.com/plus/overview-effect/ +public! *** “I went to space and discovered an enormous lie” *** What astronaut Ron Garan saw in space changed his life forever – here’s what it taught him. *** Big Think
(*3bd42332*):: Space is heaven for atheists i think (*3bd42332*):: We should oblige them (*3bd42332*):: Pinochet in SPAAAAAAAAAAAACEEEEEEEE (*6952cd93*):: maybe we can get some helicopters to drop commies from orbit (*3bd42332*):: Y orbit tho (*3bd42332*):: Im talking escape velocity (*3bd42332*):: Think gattaca space explorers… but without the spaceship

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