Fri Jan 13 18:07:52 2023 (*6952cd93*):: greta mad :greta: https://arstechnica.com/science/2023/01/scientists-image-remains-of-volcanic-burst-that-triggered-massive-warming/ +public! (*6952cd93*):: ^ look at the clowny comments bitching that “denialists” will use this lmaooo. *** New imaging finds trigger for massive global warming 56 million years ago *** 56 million years ago, hot magma scorched the sediments under the Atlantic seafloor. *** Ars Technica

Nowicki said: I cant help but imagine gollum spitting out misinformation about cloud seeding, and discrediting researchers. No need to fucking imagine. The tinfoil hat conspiracy nutjobs, the alt-right gang of fascists, and all the regular people simply unwilling to face the realization that in order for the next few generations to live we’re all going to have to accept a massive reduction in living standards – or see them forced on us by the consequences of inaction…these people are still belting out denial and laissez-faire “We’ll be all right”-ism in stentorian tones from the fucking rooftops. Just give this thread a few more pages and we’ll begin seeing the adherents of the MyPillock-guy and “Werewolf” Walker show up and tell us the actual topic experts who’ve spent all their lives learning about this shit are wrong because some shady grifter with a long record of compulsive lying said so.

lol “we’re all going to have to accept a massive reduction in living standards” …. these are the most gullible people on earth

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