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This page will be reserved for the highest scores on the chicometer – a home-brew heuristic hierarchy of repugnant and revolting retards who think “it wasn’t real communism.”

Commie Watchlist

…My favorite day

Take a look at this guy: Virgil Griffith. This guy just got the dishonor of being the first communist to be added to the Commie Watch List.

Huge Loser
Virgil Griffith, no longer working at Ethereum.

It’s not every day that you see some idiot get arrested for high crimes, but it’s especially delectable when you look at his linkedin profile and find out he’s a dirty commie.

When I first read the article, at first I was surprised… who would be that stupid. Then I decided to look at his linkedin profile and see how “normal” he was… if at all. You know, people do things and might just be a victim of “wrong place, wrong time.”

To my commie-hating-delight, not only did I see the smirk of a sociopath-borderline-pedophile, but when I got a view of his banner image… a Chicom Flag being waved, I said “ew, gross”… much to the confusion of my coworkers. Looking a little deeper, you’ll see dots connecting in the most elegant fashion. CalTech student, working at a cryptocurrency company run by a Russo-Canadian puppet that wears unicorn shirts to speak to impressionable leg-humpers at blockchain conferences. Props to US Department of Justice for bagging this sack of crap.

Here’s a link to the Manhattan DoJ’s article describing the happenings:

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